Going Virtual: A New Frontier for WiM Events

Posted By: Lisa Tarcy Blog,
WiM is pleased to offer our signature programs in a hybrid format this year! What does hybrid mean? Events including the SUMMIT, and the regional WiM North, South and West conferences, will take place both in-person and virtually. The journey to hybrid started as a result of the coronavirus pandemic but has grown into a larger opportunity for participant involvement and engagement.
What will the virtual experience look like?
For attendees who are unable to attend the event in-person, the virtual experience allows them to access sessions and participate live; create a custom agenda in advance of the conference; schedule one-on-one (or group) meetings with fellow attendees; participate in discussion forums prior to, during and after the conference; browse exhibitors and learn about our generous event sponsors; and so much more!
What is the pricing for virtual versus in-person participation?
For all of our signature events, the virtual option is half the cost of the in-person option.
How do I know which option is right for me?
Virtual is a great route to go if your company is restricting travel. It’s also a great option if you don’t necessarily feel comfortable attending in-person at this point. We are offering a “risk-free registration” for all of our events, meaning that if you change your mind and want to cancel your registration or change it from in-person to virtual or vice versa, we are offering the flexibility to do so in these uncertain times!
Can I receive virtual benefits as an in-person attendee?
Yes! What’s great about the virtual platform is that ALL presentations will be available after each event for up to six months in an event session library. This adds to the value of what you already receive as an in-person attendee.
Our events team is available to answer any questions you have as you consider options to participate in our signature events. For questions regarding the SUMMIT and WiM West, contact Jackie Bloom. For questions about WiM North and South, contact Lisa Tarcy. We hope to see you soon – whether in-person or virtually – at a WiM event!