International Women's Network

The WiM International Women's Network hosted its first hybrid meeting on March 3, 2023 at the John Deere facility in Zweibrecken/Germany

This hybrid event included access for in-person participants to tour the John Deere factory and attend a Networking Social Hour. Virtual attendees heard engaging keynote presentations covering The State of Women in Manufacturing, the Journey of an Inspiring Female Leader in Germany and Leveraging WiM’s Network for Professional Growth.

“Very good meeting with lots of possibilities to expand one’s network. Great people. This day was well invested!”  - BMW AG, Munich, Germany

“Really great event with super speakers and nice opportunity to network. I would definitely attend another in-person event and would recommend it to my colleagues.”  - John Deere, Bruchsal, Germany

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The WiM International Women’s Network (IWN) aims to connect the Association’s growing number of international members and deliver them opportunities to connect, share information and support one another.

This peer network will bring international industry topics to the forefront and discuss how those trends will affect the global manufacturing ecosystem. 

According to the World Manufacturing Foundation women make up 30% of employees in the manufacturing industry globally. United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) reports a higher concentration of women in manufacturing in Eastern Asia, South-Eastern Asia, Northern Africa and a lower concentration in Northern America, Europe, and the Middle East. 

The industries with the highest concentration of women are apparel, textiles, and food processing.

Present-day the Women in Manufacturing Association (WiM) supports more than 1,000 international members in 40 countries with our largest concentration of international members being in Canada, Mexico, India, Brazil and Germany

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