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The Women in Manufacturing (WiM) Texas Chapter has an active base of members in and around the state of Texas. Chapters provide excellent opportunities for you to expand your local network, build valuable business relationships, and enjoy industry-related programming.

If you are interested in any of the WiM Texas Chapter programs, or would like to volunteer, please contact chapters@womeninmfg.org.

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Top 5 chapters with most unique event registrants from October 2, 2021 - October 1, 2022


Top 5 chapters with most affiliated members as of October 1, 2022.


WiM Jane of All Trades Chapter

To measure overall Chapter performance, WiM developed categories, each with a set of criteria and benchmarks based on the following:

  • Total Events
  • Unique Event Registrants
  • Unique Companies Amongst Event Registrants
  • Total Revenue
  • Total Number of Affiliated Members
Our Movers and Makers category is for any chapter launched since April 2020 that have succeeded overall in membership growth and enagegment.

WiM Texas Events

July 2023

 Unlock Engagement - Membership Engagement Best Practices 

Unlocking Engagement: WiM Texas hosts a Lunch & Learn session as we delve into Membership Engagement Best Practices! Discover the key ingredients to cultivate a vibrant and connected community. Don't miss out on this delicious opportunity to enhance your chapter's engagement strategies and savor success together.

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June 2023

Perform Your Best at Work by Understanding Your Energy

WiM Texas hosts an enlightening Lunch & Learn with Jessica Yancey - A life & Transitions Coach for Ambitious Women. Performances aren't just for athletes and actors.  Everyday, we have to perform tasks and activities in our professional and personal lives.  In this session, we'll explore how you can access your highest potential to do your best on every level and achieve your goals.

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June 2023

Lunch & Learn From Undervalued to SuperSTAR

This video will introduce you to James Tomasi Kennedy's dynamic personality and unique perspective - that we are all superstars! We only need to learn how to identity our best talents and then use the STAR methodology to share with others how we can bring value to their team or business.

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May 2023

Lunch & Learn - Presenting Your Case to Attend SUMMIT

Presenting your case to your boss doesn’t have to be scary or difficult. In fact, it should be easy. SUMMIT is the perfect opportunity for charting your professional journey through impactful keynote presentations, roundtable discussions and, breakout sessions all designed to expand your knowledge, and your network and strengthen your ability to grow the community of women in manufacturing at all levels of your organization.


 February 22, 2023

 Lean Manufacturing SME Panel Discussion

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 February 24, 2022

 #UTGirlDay 2022 High School Session: The Creativity of Science hosted by WiM Texas

The Creativity of Science - Hosted by the Women in Manufacturing Texas Chapter, join in to discover how STEM and Art come together to make up a fascinating engineering pathway. Take a look at glass art from the perspective of STEM concepts and let your creative juices flow. Connect with the beauty of glass through the creative lens of guest speaker Carlyn Ray from Carlyn Ray Designs, Dallas Glass Art, and Board Member with Art Reaching Out (ARO). To learn more about Carlyn Ray Designs, visit https://carlynraydesigns.com/.

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February 17, 2022

Creating Your Own Vision Board

WiM Texas wants you to make 2022 the year of Vision and Success! In this comfortable and non-threatening environment, we explore our goals and motivations for the coming year. Learn a creative tool for capturing those thoughts and making them visible for daily reflection so that they become realized.

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Before you watch, download the MURAL app here: app.mural.co

Step 1: Download MURAL App Step 2: Creating a Virtual Vision Boar

JANUARY 6, 2022

Get Organized in 2022: Bullet Journaling Basics

Are you interested in getting more organized or being more productive? Do you want to be more intentional and focused on how you use your time? Join WiM Texas to learn the bullet journaling basics you need to get started. Bullet journaling is a customizable analog organizational system to help you keep track of what you need to do, capture your thoughts, and help you determine what tasks are really worth spending your most precious resource: your time. Join the WiM Texas Chapter for a chance to win one of two brand new official Bullet Journals! What you’ll need to get started: A notebook and a writing utensil!

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Bonus Video! 
Plan With Me: 2022 Bullet Journal Set-up

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September 23, 2021 

Women of Safety Panel Discussion

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April 29, 2021

Networking 2021 hosted by Margarita Perez Frinsco

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October 8, 2020

Allies of Women in Manufacturing

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June 24, 2020

WiM Texas Virtual Launch
Self Care Strategies with Life Coach Elizabeth Barbour

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