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About the Virtual Learning Series

The Virtual Learning Series consists of monthly webinars that enable participants to learn about a variety of industry-related topics from the convenience of their home or office. Each webinar includes action-oriented and solution-driven objectives that will help participants succeed in the manufacturing sector. Topics are geared towards the cultivation of leadership skills, and each webinar is hosted by a carefully selected knowledge expert.

Virtual Learning Series webinars are a free WiM-member benefit. All webinars are recorded, archived, and available to WiM members at any time. WiM members are encouraged to register for each learning opportunity, as all registrants directly receive a recording of the presentation following each webinar.


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Upcoming Webinars

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May 14, 2024           
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Handling Live Wires: The Psychological Hazards of Leading Others

Presented by Dr. Allessandria Polizzi

The World Health Organization recently published global guidelines for addressing the "2nd pandemic" of mental health crises at work. In their policy, they identified common hazards in business that are detrimental to emotional well-being and accelerate burnout. One of them was leading others. 

Not being aware of the threats that leaders face is akin to an electrician not being trained on the hazards of electricity. We are handling live wires without the equipment or knowledge to keep ourselves from getting zapped.

In this session, we will review the known hazards that exist for people leaders, share the business impact of not addressing these risks, and share established tactics that can be applied immediately to help managers and their teams flourish. As a result, participants will be able to:

  • Have awareness of the hazards of leading others
  • Identify their level of risk for burnout
  • Articulate the business impact of these risks
  • Craft an action plan to address these hazards

Dr. Allessandria Polizzi is a former HR executive who is now the CEO of Verdant Consulting, a top 20 Workplace Wellness provider and top 10 Emerging Organizational Change company for 2022 that supports mental health in the workplace through resiliency and psychological health and safety programs. Her first book, The Workplace Mental Health Strategy Workbook, was published in 2024 and provides guidance on proactive approaches for creating healthy and thriving workplaces. She is also the ISO global liaison for Occupational Health and Safety and has served as an expert on psychological health and safety for professional associations, media, and the National Safety Council. 

June 11, 2024           
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From Turbulent Seas to Steady at The Helm: Navigating Leadership with Confidence

Presented by: Alex Cary

Leadership can be uncomfortable. For many of us, discomfort stems from nagging self-doubt and a fear of not measuring up. Our self-created crisis of confidence is so prevalent we’ve even coined the term “imposter syndrome”. Yet confidence breakdowns don’t need to get in our way. True confidence comes from effectively harnessing our inner narrative. While not easy, it is entirely within our capacity to move from an insecure to empowered state-of-mind. We’ll explore the “how” of confidence: what it is, where it resides, and how to reconnect once lost. Through client stories and practical tools, participants learn that insecure narrative drives insecurity—and that we can take dominion. We'll work with the ultimate confidence pitfall: “I’m not enough; not smart / good / fast / (blank) enough. Participants are invited to create a new narrative centered in “I am enough”, and experience the impact true confidence can have on themselves, those they lead, and the projects they care about.

Alex Cary is an Executive Coach and Chief Transformation Officer bringing 25+ years’ experience to her work with individuals and organizations — focusing on leadership building, visioning and planning, ownership mindset, critical conversation, accountability and trust, personal fulfillment and meaningful contribution.

Her coaching work spans industry, focus and culture -- with one thing in common, coaching her clients to achieve their highest level of personal and professional success measured by deep meaning, inner fulfillment and tangible results.

Prior to coaching, Alex began her professional life as a Senior Account liaison for multinational advertising agencies whose clientele included Mazda Motor Cars of America, Asiana Airlines, DirecTV and Mattel’s Barbie Brand. In 1999, she launched her first entrepreneurial endeavor as a high-end residential designer; growing her company to have international presence from San Francisco to Switzerland, Hollywood to Hong Kong. Then she found coaching and has not looked back!

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