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VLS | From Turbulent Seas to Steady at The Helm: Navigating with Confidence

VLS | From Turbulent Seas to Steady at The Helm: Navigating with Confidence

This webinar is part of the WiM Virtual Learning Series.

Tuesday, June 11, 2024
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (EDT)

This event will take place on Zoom; details will be sent via email after registering.

Event Details

From Turbulent Seas to Steady at The Helm: Navigating Leadership with Confidence

When: June 11, 2024

11:00 a.m. - Noon EST

Leadership can be uncomfortable. For many of us, discomfort stems from nagging self-doubt and a fear of not measuring up. Our self-created crisis of confidence is so prevalent we’ve even coined the term “imposter syndrome”.


Yet confidence breakdowns don’t need to get in our way. True confidence comes from effectively harnessing our inner narrative. While not easy, it is entirely within our capacity to move from an insecure to empowered state-of-mind.


We’ll explore the “how” of confidence: what it is, where it resides, and how to reconnect once lost. Through client stories and practical tools, participants learn that insecure narrative drives insecurity—and that we can take dominion.


We'll work with the ultimate confidence pitfall: “I’m not enough; not smart / good / fast / (blank) enough. Participants are invited to create a new narrative centered in “I am enough”, and experience the impact true confidence can have on themselves, those they lead, and the projects they care about.

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More about Alex Cary

Alex Cary, MA is an Executive Coach and the Chief Transformation Officer of The Map & The Territory Leadership, a consulting firm based in Los Angeles, California. Alex comes to WIM with 25+ years of experience, facilitating thousands of conversations centered on effective leadership, personal fulfillment, and meaningful contribution. Her work spans industry, expertise, and culture—creating lasting impact and tangible results for individuals and organizations worldwide.

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