Women in Manufacturing Hall of Fame

About the Inductees

The Women in Manufacturing (WiM) Hall of Fame inductees embody WiM's mission to support, promote and inspire women in manufacturing. Through significant contributions over the course of their established careers, these inductees have made exceptional contributions to the advancement of women in the industry. Learn more about the WiM Hall of Fame here.

2023 Hall of Fame Inductees

  • Tanya Cook
    Tanya Cook
    Board Member Virginia Manufacturers Association
    2023 Inductee
  • Jeanne Duckett
    Jeanne Duckett
    Sr Mgr Traceability Avery Dennison
    2023 Inductee
  • Susan Farris
    Susan Farris
    VP-Sustainability & Corporate Communications Shaw Industries
    2023 Inductee
  • Lisa Gunton
    Lisa Gunton
    Vice President Human Resources AFL
    2023 Inductee
  • Janette Hostettler
    Janette Hostettler
    Vice President Toyota Motor North America
    2023 Inductee
  • Jill June
    Jill June
    Site Leader Kalamazoo Pfizer
    2023 Inductee
  • Laura Lyke
    Laura Lyke
    Former President & CEO ICC International
    2023 Inductee
  • Arleen Paulino
    Arleen Paulino
    SVP Global Manufacturing Amgen
    2023 Inductee
  • Kristen Pforr
    Kristen Pforr
    BASF Corporation
    2023 Inductee
  • Nancy Richards Farese
    Nancy Richards Farese
    Board Member, Shareholder and Daughter of Southwire founder, Roy Richards Sr. Southwire Company
    2023 Inductee

2022 Hall of Fame Inductees

  • Dorene Billingsley
    Dorene Billingsley
    Director of Operations (Retired)
    2022 Inductee
  • Michelle Bockman
    Michelle Bockman
    2022 Inductee
  • Lynn Bottone
    Lynn Bottone
    VP Biotech Operations Pfizer
    2022 Inductee
  • Louise Connell
    Louise Connell
    2022 Inductee
  • Leah Curry
    Leah Curry
    President Toyota Motor North America
    2022 Inductee
  • Lori Goucher
    Lori Goucher
    2022 Inductee
  • Elizabeth Griffith
    Elizabeth Griffith
    Director of Program Management
    2022 Inductee
  • Tracey Horton
    Tracey Horton
    OCS, NA Regional Manufacturing Manager Corning
    2022 Inductee
  • Denise Johnson
    Denise Johnson
    Group President, Resource Industries Caterpillar Inc.
    2022 Inductee
  • Ann Kelleher
    Ann Kelleher
    Executive Vice President and General Manager Intel Corporation
    2022 Inductee
  • Luann Rickert
    Luann Rickert
    John Deere
    2022 Inductee
  • Michelle Taylor
    Michelle Taylor
    Director, Advanced Quality Planning CHVAC Trane Technologies
    2022 Inductee
  • Pei Wang
    Pei Wang
    Vice President and General Manager, Asia BorgWarner
    2022 Inductee

2021 Hall of Fame Inductees

  • Janet Duffey
    Janet Duffey
    Lockheed Martin
    2021 Inductee
  • Peggy Gulick
    Peggy Gulick
    VP Advanced Manufacturing and Continuous Improvement Kohler Co
    2021 Inductee
  • Millie Marshall
    Millie Marshall
    Toyota Motor North America
    2021 Inductee
  • Marie Metzger
    Marie Metzger
    Vice President Energy and Verbund Management NA BASF
    2021 Inductee
  • Kathy Miller
    Kathy Miller
    Keynote Speaker, Certified Leadership Coach and Business Transformation Advisor
    2021 Inductee
  • Terry Onica
    Terry Onica
    Director QAD
    2021 Inductee
  • Neddy Perez
    Neddy Perez
    McCormick & Company
    2021 Inductee
  • Carlonda Reilly, Ph. D.
    Carlonda Reilly, Ph. D.
    Ph. D. Vice President and Chief Technology Officer Kennametal, Inc.
    2021 Inductee
  • Arvis Williams
    Arvis Williams
    Vice President Quality, Manufacturing and Program Management BorgWarner
    2021 Inductee

2020 Hall of Fame Inductees

  • Kim Beardsley
    Kim Beardsley
    Vice President, World Wide Parts Service (Retired) John Deere
    2020 Inductee
  • Sandra Bouckley
    Sandra Bouckley
    CEO & Executive Director
    2020 Inductee
  • Dianne Chong
    Dianne Chong
    Vice President (Retired) Boeing
    2020 Inductee
  • Melanie Cook
    Melanie Cook
    Chief Operating Officer GE Appliances, a Haier company
    2020 Inductee
  • Nadine Crauwels
    Nadine Crauwels
    President Sandvik Coromant
    2020 Inductee
  • Susan Elkington
    Susan Elkington
    President Toyota Motor North America
    2020 Inductee
  • Laurie Harbour
    Laurie Harbour
    President Harbour Results Inc.
    2020 Inductee
  • Kim Humphreys
    Kim Humphreys
    VP of Operations & Supply Chain (Retired) Avery Dennison
    2020 Inductee
  • Vanessa Li
    Vanessa Li
    Program Manager Novelis
    2020 Inductee
  • Sonita Lontoh
    Sonita Lontoh
    SVP & Global Head of Marketing HP Inc
    2020 Inductee
  • Jd Marhevko
    Jd Marhevko
    Vice President Quality & Warranty
    2020 Inductee
  • Cecilia Render
    Cecilia Render
    Executive Director Nordson
    2020 Inductee
  • Kate Rome
    Kate Rome
    President Rome Grinding Solutions
    2020 Inductee
  • Marsha Serlin
    Marsha Serlin
    CEO United Scrap Metal, Inc.
    2020 Inductee
  • Gretchen Zierick
    Gretchen Zierick
    President Zierick Manufacturing
    2020 Inductee