Three Cheers for the Winners of the 2023 Chapter Awards

Posted By: Audrey Imes Blog,

Since the launch of the Women in Manufacturing Association (WiM) in 2011, our community has grown to more than 22,000 members globally, serving women in manufacturing careers across the U.S. and 47 other countries. Our chapters are a valuable component to the association’s success, bringing women in the manufacturing industry together year-round to learn new skills, explore new technologies and grow as leaders. Because of our local chapters, WiM members have opportunities to connect with other manufacturing professionals outside of their own companies and to learn and broaden their own professional horizons.

With each passing year, WiM’s chapter network has continued to grow and thrive. Since the launch of WiM’s first chapter (Ohio) in 2012, our network has expanded from coast to coast. Even with the onset of the COVID pandemic, our WiM chapters have remained resilient. Twelve new chapters were established since 2020. We are pleased to announce that we will welcome WiM Iowa as our 33rd chapter in 2024.

To recognize the amazing accomplishments of our WiM chapters and to pay tribute to our local volunteer leaders for their tireless work to support the association, we created our annual Chapter Awards. The Chapter Awards are awarded in six primary categories: Membership Builders; Philanthropists; WiM Engagers; Community Connectors; Might Networkers; Member Satisfaction; and Movers and Makers. These categories encompass everything from membership growth to fundraising for the WiM Education Foundation. Watch the video for a slide show commemorating the winners of the 2023 Chapter Awards and read a recap for each category below.


The Membership Builders award recognizes Chapters with the largest growth in member affiliation. Our first-place winners of the Membership Builders award are the WiM Northern New England Chapter, who saw 105% growth in their total number of affiliated members since SUMMIT 2022. In second place, we are thrilled to recognize WiM Arizona with 93% growth and in third place, WiM Central Pennsylvania, whose affiliation grew by 90% since SUMMIT 2022.

The WiM Philanthropists award recognizes the Chapters who have raised the most dollars for the WiM Education Foundation since SUMMIT 2022. This year, WiM Eastern Pennsylvania made a HUGE impact with their $11,000+ donation to the WiMEF, which was raised during their annual golf outing, held in October 2022. WiM Western Michigan and WiM Texas closed out our top three for this category with contributions generated through their HERizon 5K team.

The WiM Engagers award is given to those Chapters who have hosted the most events or programs over the past year. This year, we are in awe of WiM Texas, whose team executed 67 events since last year – Three cheers for the tremendous efforts of the WiM Texas Chapter!  A huge shout out as well to WiM Ohio and WiM Washington, who are rounding out our top three for this category with 20 events each.

The Community Connectors award measures chapters with the highest total number of unique individuals who registered for their events. This year, the WiM Ohio Chapter has conquered this category and just behind them in second and third place are WiM Texas and WiM Colorado.

The Mighty Networkers recognition is awarded to the Chapters with the most unique companies among their event registrants for the year. Our top three winners for this award are WiM Ohio, WiM Texas and WiM Connecticut.

Our newest award for 2023, the Member Satisfaction award is given to those Chapters whose events were rated highest by attendees on WiM’s chapter event feedback survey. Three huge cheers to WiM Connecticut, WiM Ohio and WiM Texas for their success hosting valuable events for members and their communities!

In addition to recognizing the achievements of established Chapters, we also acknowledge WiM’s newest Chapters and their efforts this past year with our Movers and Makers recognition. Congratulations to WiM Louisiana, WiM Missouri, WiM Northern Wisconsin and WiM Southern California. Each of these Chapters officially launched or re-launched since April 1, 2022, and since then have thrived thanks to the commitment of their leadership teams.

Learn more about WiM Chapters here. Members can contact their local leaders directly via our Chapter Directory. Reach out to with any questions.