Investing in Women in Manufacturing: A Call to Support WiM's Education Foundation


Investing in Women in Manufacturing: A Call to Support the Women in Manufacturing Education Foundation

Lynn Kier, a dedicated member of Women in Manufacturing (WiM) and a former board Chair, has been a steadfast advocate for charitable contributions to the Women in Manufacturing Education Foundation (WiMEF) for the past four years. She embarked on this journey as a founding member and has consistently made her own annual gifts. Now, she extends an inspiring invitation to her fellow WiM members, encouraging them to follow suit.

Reflecting on her own experience, Lynn shares, "I truly wish I had access to an organization like WiM during my early years in manufacturing because, even as an experienced leader, it provided me with nurturing, inspiration and empowerment beyond my wildest dreams." Lynn passionately emphasizes, "It's imperative that we spread the word and ensure that other women have the opportunity to be exposed to such an incredible Association."

The WiMEF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is committed to developing and supporting powerful programs and resources which further the advancement for women in the manufacturing workforce. With donations from supporters like Lynn, WiMEF provides affordable and effective educational programming that supports women at all stages of their manufacturing careers.

Lynn's journey in the manufacturing industry spans over 25 years, a path that closely mirrors the experiences of many women in this workforce who often grapple with a sense of isolation. She reflects, "In this field, excellence alone may not suffice. Without a coach, mentor, or sponsor, your talents might go unnoticed. I realized that being smart and skilled was not enough; I needed an edge. For the longest time, I felt like I had to fight for every opportunity."

However, everything changed for Lynn after her participation as a panelist in her first WiM event. She vividly remembers that pivotal moment when she found her community. Lynn explains, "Stepping into a Women in Manufacturing event is a game-changer. You immediately sense the support, the inspiration; you can feel it in the air. It's a powerful and enjoyable experience. The event features inspiring keynote speakers, invaluable training and educational opportunities, and seminars that are laser-focused on personal growth and leadership development. My aspiration is for women to not only survive but thrive in their manufacturing careers, and WiM provides an unparalleled platform for that."

Focused on leadership development and skill enhancement, WiMEF’s programs equip women with the tools to succeed and lead in the manufacturing industry. The foundation offers a monthly virtual learning series as well as three cohort-based educational programs that include one-on-one coaching, individualized skills assessment, and facilitated peer networking.

More than 15,000 women have participated in the Virtual Learning Series and over 700 women have enrolled in educational programs since 2017. These programs provide the leadership skills for women to thrive in their manufacturing careers while also establishing a robust peer network to foster deep support and a greater sense of belonging in the industry.

For Lynn, a profound sense of belonging is fostered through her active participation in WiM programs and her dedication to enabling others to share in the same experience. She firmly believes, "Every woman in manufacturing should have the opportunity to embrace the enriching experiences I've encountered through my WiM membership. I aspire to ensure that all women in manufacturing can tap into the incredible value that WiM offers."

Recognizing the transformative potential of donations in shaping lives, advancing careers, and illuminating a brighter future for women in the manufacturing industry, Lynn underscores the critical importance of bolstering funding for WiMEF. She emphasizes, "It is paramount that we raise awareness of the WiMEF foundation as a charitable organization deserving of donations. Within our association, we have a wealth of passionate and influential women. What we need now is to spread the word about WiMEF and ignite a personal commitment to donate. I am eager to kickstart this movement."

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