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On each episode of the Hear Her Story – a monthly podcast produced by Women in Manufacturing Association – we will sit down with incredible women from different roles and niche industries within manufacturing. Join us to learn from their unique expertise and to hear about the experiences that have shaped their careers. Hear what drives the women who make the WiM Community vibrant and strong, and leave inspired by their journey and their advice for other women in manufacturing.

Check out our first three episodes featuring:
Misti Rice

Misti Rice is the Executive Director of Government Affairs at Magna International Inc. and WiM's 2021 Chair of the WiM Board of Directors. Hear how she navigated a career in government affairs throughout changing political climates and her advice for learning from a less-than-perfect manager.

Shameka Lewis

Shameka Lewis was recently promoted to Associate Global Manager of Environmental Health & Safety at Mattel, Inc. In this episode, Shameka shares how she navigated a major career-changed from healthcare to manufacturing and how she stays busy and motivated as a single mom with college-aged children.

Allison Giddens

On this episode we are joined by Allison Giddens, President and Co-Owner of WinTech, Inc., a Georgia-based machining company serving the aerospace, medical, construction, and commercial industries. Today I chat with Allison about how her company overcame challenges throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and how we can create new opportunities for women in the manufacturing industry. 

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