WiM Member Shout Out: Susan Carlock

Posted By: Audrey Imes Blog,

We're striving to make April the month we celebrate our members more than ever! That's why we're sharing a shout out we recently received about one of our valued members, Susan Carlock from Mursix Corporation.

One of Susan's colleagues recently reached out to our President to share the following message about the strength and adaptability Susan has embodied as she has led her company through the COVID-19 crisis:

"I work with one of your members, Susan Carlock and wanted to make you aware of the strong leadership that she is providing to her company, her community and the nation. In ordinary times, Susan is a superb individual. However, I wanted to highlight what a superb individual, and leader, she is during these especially challenging times.

Having been an ER nurse, Susan is used to stressful situations, and has a great deal of empathy for those caregivers on the front lines of the Coronavirus battle. When she learned that healthcare organizations were not properly outfitting their employees with adequate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), she decided to pivot from what her manufacturing company was doing, and morph into a PPE provider. Within days, literally days, she had retooled and refocused her organization to support the nurses and doctors dealing with COVID-19. While overcoming numerous obstacles during the transition, including resistance both internally and externally, she solved a unique supply chain challenge by enlisting a volunteer army of pilots to help distribute the newly minted PPE masks.

I could ramble on about the many facets of the strong leadership that she is demonstrating, but instead, will let some of these articles (below) shed additional light on her efforts."

The Women in Manufacturing Association is extremely proud of all of our members and their ability to continue to thrive during this challenging time.

Kudos to Susan for her amazing efforts - together, we will thrive! 
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