VLS Presenter Spotlight: Dr. Graeme Codrington

Join us on September 16 for a presentation by Dr. Graeme Codrington on Global (Broad) Perspective

This session of the WiM Virtual Learning Series will focus on how we live and operate in a very interconnected world. Decisions, even seemingly simple ones, can have broad implications. Discerning context, pulling in appropriate factors, and interpreting global dynamics is ever more critical. This virtual event teaches attendees ways to broaden their perspective to aid in their performance.

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Get to know Dr. Codrington before the September 16 webinar by catching up on some of his past publications!
9 Techniques to Improve Your Creative Thinking Abilities

Creativity is as much a skill as a gift, and as such, it can be developed. Of course, some people are naturally more creative than others, but all of us are able to develop our creativity and improve our innovative thinking ability. No matter what you do or what your job function is, you will do better if you can add creativity to it. With innovation now a ubiquitous requirement for success any and everywhere, we have to do this. It’s kind of obvious, but feeding our brains with a wide variety of thoughts is the fuel we need for creativity. People who are creative tend to read widely, enjoy entertainment, and enjoy meeting people from different backgrounds.

"Creativity’s fuel is your imagination – make sure you fill-up the tank."

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Thinking Like a Futurist: A Future-Focused Toolkit

The last two decades have been preparation for what we’re about to experience in the 2020s. We have now developed the key building blocks for deep change, including cellphones and digital communication networks, the Internet (and now the Internet of Things), robotics, artificial intelligence, automation, quantum computing, augmented reality, the blockchain, regenerative medical options, and many other disruptive technologies and mega forces. All of these have also fueled deep structural changes in politics, economics, and society itself.

"Every aspect of our world is currently in flux."

Now, we look ahead to the 2020s and a decade that will see us using these building blocks to deliver real and tangible improvements to the world we live in, each of which will bring significant change to our lives as the digital era begins to mature. In a world so dominated by disruptive forces, exponential change, and unprecedented uncertainty, our organizations need eyes and ears everywhere to ensure we are not taken by surprise or left behind. The ability to think like a futurist, therefore, needs to be distributed as widely as possible throughout our organizations. 


Introduction to The TIDES of Change

Graeme Codrington of TomorrowToday presents a framework for understanding disruptive change and making sense of the turbulence we face in the world around us right now. Watch the video below to hear his words of wisdom.

Hear more about Dr. Codrington's insights on Wednesday, September 16, when he hosts "Global (Broad) Perspective," a WiM Virtual Learning Series Webinar

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About Dr. Graeme Codrington

Dr. Graeme Codrington is an expert on the future world of work and the disruptive forces that are shaping it. As an author and researcher, his insights and analysis are sought after by business schools and CEOs around the world, with five degrees, five best-selling books, and a full-time research team at his company, TomorrowToday, to back it up. As a keynote presenter and facilitator, he uses multimedia, a gently rebuking humor, and an engaging style to make his insights accessible and engaging to over 100,000 people in 20 countries every year. 

"The future won't wait for you to catch up. It needs some of your time right now."

- Dr. Graeme Codrington