WiM Education Foundation’s Flagship Program Provides Tools for Career Advancement


WiM Education Foundation’s Flagship Program Provides Tools for Career Advancement

“Intelligent, ambitious, innovative women are working in manufacturing around the world,” says Gretchen Moore, Executive Director of the Women in Manufacturing Education Foundation. “But all too often women are overlooked when it comes to career advancement.”

In 2021, The Women in Manufacturing Education Foundation launched its flagship program, Empowering Women in Production (EWiP), to provide ongoing support and resources for women interested in advancing in their manufacturing careers. This immersive, 20-week course helps new hires or early career employees in production develop skills and experience to transition into leadership and management roles.

EWiP is the only program of its kind, offering participants three sources of training and support. The first, education, consists of 13 modules taught by industry experts focused on core competencies and durable skills for leadership development in a manufacturing workplace. The second is building a robust professional network of peers, which is the key to navigating difficult situations and unlocking future opportunities. The third is individualized career coaching to identify strengths and to set career goals based on a skills assessment that participants take at the start of the program. 


“The Empowering Women in Production Program has been transformative in my career journey and personal growth,” said Tanya Jaurez, Product Engineer with Howmet Aerospace. “My ultimate goal has always been to move into a leadership role, and this program has been instrumental in equipping me with the skills and mindset necessary to be an effective leader. It was an immersive experience that deeply impacted my understanding of myself and my potential as a leader.”


EWiP is fully virtual so participants can download materials and lectures and watch them on their own time and master the skills at their own pace. Led by industry experts, the program explores topics such as problem solving, communication skills, negotiation, time management, leadership fundamentals, customer service, emotional intelligence, safety orientation, and building a professional network.


In addition to the independent learning coursework, live peer mentoring sessions are offered monthly and give participants the opportunity to connect with other members in the cohort to ask questions, share best practices, give and receive advice, and build a robust community of peers.


“I had the privilege of engaging in peer discussions after each module, which fostered a sense of community and empowerment among the women in the program. But what truly set this program apart was the invaluable one-on-one coaching I received,” says Juarez. “My coach, Emma Pineda, became a guiding light, guiding me through the program and helping me navigate the complexities of self-discovery.”


Each participant is individually matched with a qualified career coach through an exclusive partnership with InviteCHANGE, a women-owned professional coaching company certified by the International Coaching Federation. Through four private sessions, participants and their coaches work together to identify goals, strategize ways to overcome barriers, and embrace accountability.

“I vividly remember my first coaching session,” Juarez remembers. “It felt like a form of therapy, a safe space to explore my strengths and weaknesses, fears, and aspirations. Through these sessions, I learned how to harness my strengths, confront my limitations, and channel my growth towards becoming a better version of myself.”

Registration for the next cohort of Empowering Women in Production will open on April 11, 2024. Click here to learn more.