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Thursday, August 27, 2020
4:00 PM - 6:00 PM (PDT)

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Leveraging LinkedIn with WiM Washington

Join WiM Washington with guest speaker Cindy Pain for an interactive virtual workshop where we'll go beyond the LinkedIn Basics. Cindy will cover sophisticated ways you can use this social network to advance your professional goals. 

Date: Thursday, August 27, 2020 

Time: 4 - 6 PM PT

Where: Zoom
(Details will be sent to attendees via email after registering)

Get the inside scoop with LinkedIn evangelist, career strategist, AND entrepreneurial coach Cindy Pain!

Among the topics we’ll cover:

  • Tips and techniques to ensure you will be found and improve your search rank
  • Writing your profile so it establishes your brand and is meaningful to your audience whether they are recruiters, employees or clients
  • The pros and cons of posting to LinkedIn, and why you actually might want to follow up on those “Joe Blow has a new job” announcements
  • Using LinkedIn as a prospecting tool for freelance, small firm, and enterprise new business development
  • The one thing you must do before you go in and start revising your profile
  • How to do Boolean searches that will help you find hiring managers and decision makers and get inside organizations
  • The importance of joining groups to enhance your network for now and the future
  • How and why to expand your LinkedIn connections

Who should take this class?

This workshop is for people who want to give themselves every advantage in enhancing their personal brand, growing their business, attracting employees, or conducting a successful job search.


Be LinkedIn or Left Out!

Carol Parrish
Carol Parrish Utor Wealth
Chase Fuller
Chase Fuller Manufacturing Sales Consultant TriNet
Cheryl Roe
Cheryl Roe President InterConnection
Dawn Zientko
Dawn Zientko Global Operational Controller Fluke
Emily Hay
Emily Hay Quality Assurance Inspector Orion Industries
Gretchen Reimbold - 1
Gretchen Reimbold - 1 Senior Vice President Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc.
Heather McMillen
Heather McMillen Continuous Improvement Lead Orion Industries
Jeanette Roatch
Jeanette Roatch Partner and Director of Accounting & Auditing Shannon & Associates
Jessica Kinman
Jessica Kinman A&D Industry Solution Experience Director Dassault Systemes
Jessica Vidican-Neisius
Jessica Vidican-Neisius President MORNING GLORY CHAI
Joanna Boatwright - 1
Joanna Boatwright - 1 Building Relationships in Manufacturing Looking for Opportunities
Kailee Wood
Kailee Wood Technical Sales Representative Kemira Chemicals, Inc.
Kiran Dubey
Kiran Dubey Senior Director Boeing
Kristin Brandtner - 1
Kristin Brandtner - 1 Senior Vice President Meridian Capital
Marie Gallanar
Marie Gallanar Account Executive, VP Parker, Smith & Feek
Michelle Kalsi
Michelle Kalsi General Manager Space Theory
Mickele Bragg
Mickele Bragg Global Marketing and Plastics Division Lead Geotech Environmental Equipmnt
Pamela Loughner
Pamela Loughner President and Consultant Loughner and Associates, Inc.
Rachel Camarillo
Rachel Camarillo Controller & Business Manager Erin Air
Sandra McNeil
Sandra McNeil Global Manufacturing Chief Engineer General Motors
Selena Hayes
Selena Hayes HR Manager (Ma4ch 2019 - July 2020) self
Stephanie Maxwell
Stephanie Maxwell Estimator/Planner Orion Industries
Sydney Stinson
Sydney Stinson Chief Operating Officer Accurate CNC Services
Tanika Barsegian
Tanika Barsegian Consultant Pro HR
Yamin Htet
Yamin Htet Chemistry QA Analyst Waters Corporation
Yvette Wilson
Yvette Wilson Business Development Represenative Zeva Aero
28 Other Registered Attendees

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Rachel Camarillo
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