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Didion Milling and Ethanol

Didion Milling and Ethanol

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Company Overview

Didion transforms corn into value-added products. By co-locating our corn mill with an ethanol operation, we’re able to create both food and fuel from the same kernel of corn. We also support USDA Food Aid programs with ingredients and complete foods.

Didion is more than corn – we’re about curiosity. From the start, brothers John and Dow Didion searched for ways to add value to every kernel. They designed a remarkable food-and-biofuel operation, started data-sharing partnerships with the Midwest’s corn producers, and set our industry’s standard for customer relationships. We ask “why” at every turn to uncover an opportunity to do something – anything – better.

We’re 45 years into a never-ending quest for knowledge and improvement. With a second generation Didion family changemaker at the helm, our goal is still to extract the most from every corn kernel, using data and technology to provide insight.