Company Overview

DENSO is a $48.1 billion global mobility supplier that develops advanced technology and components for nearly every vehicle make and model on the road today, including Toyota, Honda, FCA, GM, Ford, Volvo, and Mercedes-Benz. With manufacturing at its core, DENSO invests in its 220 facilities in 35 countries to produce thermal, powertrain, mobility, electrification, & electronic systems, to create jobs that directly change how the world moves. The company’s 170,000+ employees are paving the way to a mobility future that improves lives, eliminates traffic accidents, and preserves the environment. Globally headquartered in Kariya, Japan, DENSO spent 8.8 percent of its global consolidated sales on research and development in the fiscal year ending March 31, 2018. For more information about global DENSO, visit

In North America, DENSO employs 24,000+ engineers, researchers and skilled workers across 31 sites in the U.S, Canada and Mexico. In the United States alone, DENSO employs 17,000+ employees across 12 states and 25 sites. Headquartered in Southfield, Michigan, in fiscal year ending March 31, 2018, DENSO in North America generated $10.9 billion in consolidated sales. Join us, and craft not only how the world moves, but also your career. For more information, go to
Denise Carlson VP
Afsheen Mozammel Manager, Engineering
Afton Swanson Advanced Production Control Specialist
Aimee Wade Engineer
Akiko Barker Accounting Specialist
Alex Elwell Industrial Engineer
Alexa Bartlett Co-Op
Alicia Duperron Educational Assistance & CBT Administrator
Alivia Newsom Team Leader
Allison Brown Purchasing Project Coordinator
Allison Jones Production tech
Amanda Dango Senior Specialist - Production Engineering
Amanda Owens QC Group Leader
Amira Gabra Senior Logistics Admin
Amy Brown Prodution data spec
Amy Haney Senior Computer Operator/Database Administrator
Amy Salomon Corporate Service Specialist
Amy Schrum Advanced Specialist, Business Planning
Andrea Friedrich Sales Manager
Andrea Jungers Application Engineer
Andrea McCubbin Advanced Risk Management Specialist
Andria Lesane Materials Engineer
Angela Loper Teamleader
Anna Costa Total Industrial Engineer
April Banner
April Bowers office associate
April O'Neal Sr. Manager, Human Resources
Ashley Thompson Production Engineer
Audrey Linn Supplier Quality Engineer
Bailey McClelland HR Specialist
Beth Rollins
Beth Rollins Manager, Excellent Factory Planning
Beth Russell Program Leader
Bethany Clay Compensation Analyst
Bethany Pope Advanced Human Resources Generalist
Bobbie Carraway Human Resources Assistant Manager
Bonita Montgomery
Bonita Montgomery Manager Total Industrial Engineering
Brad Eccles Specialist
Brandon Bunch QC Lab Tech
Brenda Garrett Advanced Intellectual Property Assistant
Brian Nolen VP Manufacturing
Brittany Royalty Product Design Engineer
Caitlin Distelrath Senior Sales Specialist
Caitlin Gaylord Account Manager
Candace Frerichs Senior Office Associate / Gasoline Eng. & Maint.
Carol Gress Production associate
Carol Sowa Financail Risk and Compliance
Carolyn Seale Oxygen Sensor Manufacturing
Casey Jones Team Leader
Catherine Root Production Engineering Specialist
Charlayne Frazier Senior Office Associate
Charles Lowery Manufacturing Teamleader
Chris Qualls Transportation Specialist
Christina Hampton Industrial Engineer
Christina King Injection Moulding Team Leader
Christine Martin Production Engineer
Christine Salvaggio Production Team Leader
Christopher Campbell Group Leader
Christy Colloms Team Leader
Connie Darnell Production Technician
Crawford Cunningham Manufacturing, Maintenance, & Engineering Manager
Crystal Poteet Quality Manager
Crystal Sun Senior System Engineer
Dana Paulson Team Leader
Daniel Walker Production Group Leader
Debbie Dorsey Assistance Manager
Deborah Long
Deborah Long Production Control
Debra Brooks Associate
Deidrah Scudder Production Group Leader
Delores Young Facilitator
Denise Channey Admin
Diane Walker Finance and Business Planning
Donna Howard Production P2 JR
Donna Johns Business Process Analysist
Elizabeth Woosley Assistant Manager Industrial Engineering
Emily Threatt Production Design Engineer
Eric Lindsey Quality Engineer
Erica Seidel Senior Manager, Sales
Erika Sowers EHS Specialist
Erin Holbrook Corporate Communication
Ernest Colby Quality Engineer
Eugene Mitchell Supervisor
Fahad Mohammedi Injection Molding Technician
Haley Penney Product Quality Engineer
Hayli Kirby maintenance team leader
Heidi Large Supervisor
Hiroko Shoji Talent Management Business Partner
Ian Loughrige Production Control Section Leader
Jacqueline Smith Final Inspection
Jamie Ling Corporate Counsel
Janet Cavaliero Administrative Assistant
Janice Yearwood Senior Office Assistant
Jason Courtright Sales & Marketing Manager
Jason Spenny Engineering Manager
JCristy Drass Shipping Office Associate
Jenna Raynor Quality Control Supplier Specialist
Jennifer Capps Packaging Engineer
jennifer heckmann Gov't Affairs
Jennifer List Production Engineer
Jennifer Marrison North American Integrated Logistics
Jesus Ginez Sr. Sales Specialist
Jill Garcia Program Manager
JoAnna Vulcu Advanced Regional Communication Analyst
Joanne Grant Outbound Logistics Team Leader
Jodi OSullivan Project Analyst , NA Safety, Health & Environment
Jordan Watts Advanced Inventory Accounting Specialist
Jori Anderson Mechanical Design Engineer
Julie Pilkey Senior Office Associate
Kara Grasso
Kara Grasso Vice President
Karen Beddingfield Training Faciilitator
Karen Olding Associate
Karen Whiteman Facilities Engineer
Karin Coles Sr. Project Engineer
Karyn Griffin Purchasing Manager
Katelyn West Advanced Specialist, Talent Acquisition
Kathryn Burton Purchasing
Katie Kirchner Advanced Buyer
Katie Nolen Senior HR Generalist
Katie Warf Product Design Engineer
Kayley Carroll trainer
Kaylynn Hendricks P-tank molding sub-leader
Kelly Cotter Manufacturing
Kelly Dickens
Kelly Dickens National Account Manager
Kelly Hetzner Program Management / Sales
Kelly Peterson Quality Technician
Kelly Sexton Senior Office Associate
Kelsie Bruch Production Control Specialist
Kerri Stichler Supplier Quality Engineering
Korielle Knight Process Engineer
Kristen Aycock PACKAGING
Krystie Rogers Senior Team Leader
Lana McCoy Sr Benefits Analyst
LAURA GRAYSON MBA Accounting Manager
Laura McGuire Manager, North America Technical Training
Lauren Howard Quality Engineer II
Lauren Westmore Senior Engineering Technician
Lindsey Snyder P2
Lisa Gilliam Teamleader
Lisa Jinn Product Manager
Lisa Matthews Talent Management
Liza Herrero Engineering Assistant
Lorie Emswiler Production associate
Lynne Murr Advanced Specialist
Maika Khang EHS Sr. Specialist
Marcinia Harris
Marcinia Harris CSM,, ATF, ACC, KMP I, KMP II Agile Coach/Scrum Master
Marie Green IT Operation Supervisor
Mary Hottovy Advanced Quality Engineer
Masumi Matsuoka PC
matthew buchanan
matthew buchanan Thermal Engineer
Matthew Montgomery Mechanical Engineer
Matthew Seymour Sales
Megan Smith
Megan Smith Senior Specialist
Megan Winkler Business Planning
Melissa Clark Sr. Product Specialist
Melissa Smith Community Affairs Lead
Melissa Williams Sales Specialist
Michele Maner Compensation Project Manager
Michelle Haviland Advanced Production Engineer
Michelle Wagley chemical Technician
MIchelle Washington Project Coordinator
Najwa Noharuddin Operations Manager
Namrata Saha PQE
Natalie Muneses ASP Safety Engineer
Natalie Scott Section Leader
Nena Mckamey Logistics associate
Nicole Ciotta Senior Specialist, Event and Marketing Communicati
Othon Oliveira Lima Controls Engineer
Paige Duck Advanced Specialist - QA
Pam Steadmon SR. OFFICE ASST
Pamela Fifer HPP Parts Arranging
Pamela Herr Production Engineering
Patricia Bright Production Control Speacilist
Patty Simigian Advanced Fleet and Admin Services Specialist
Pauline Fell Machine Technician Sub Leader
Petronela Welton Financial analyst
Phuong Le Project Manager
Phyllis Dewan Advanced Taleo Learn Analyst
Rachelle Hartline Group Leader Logistics
Ramona Petersen Senior Manager, Human Resources
Reanna John Apprentice Engineer II
Rebecca Meadows 200% inspection
Rebecca Whitney Sr. Team Leader
Rosetta Caballero
Rosetta Caballero Quality Control Specialist
Ryota Okumura Senior R&D Engineer
Sai Rios Section Leader
Salena Waters Senior Specialist Purchasing
Sandra Stringer Group Leader
Sandy Caldwell Advanced Specialist
Sarah Burtch Design Engineer
Sarah Fox Sr. HR Generalist
Savanah Childress Process Engineer
Scott McDougall Production Section Leader
Scott Wilson Manager
Sedona Roberts Machine Shop Co-op
Shantina Brown Quality Control Recieving
Shelley Gillespie Production Control- Planning
Shelly Osburn Associate Relations Manager
Sheresa Smith Sub Leader
Sherry Youngblood Program Manager
Sheryl Cox Sales Manager
Shirely Scott Strategic Sourcing Buyer
Sonya O'Hearn Lead Speciialist, HR
Sophia Dailey Senior Office Associate
Stacey Melton Safety,Health, and Env
Stacey Skerske Sales
Stacy Miller Section Leader
Stephanie Hebert Spare Parts Technician
Stephanie Williams Group Leader
Stephanie Wolfe Group Leader
Susan Campbell Sr. Office Assistant
Suzie Young DNA Facilitator
Tamaki Stiles Senior Government Affairs Analyst
Tammy White Program Leader
TANYA OZAKI Production Control Senior Specialist
Tawana Banks QE Advanced Test Tech
Tina Huffstetler Group leader
Tina Lakey Quality Assurance Section Leader
Tomika Ward Sales
Tommy Holloway Specialist
Tonya King Production 1
Tracey Wall NAHR Planning Lead
Vicken Nicole Davidson Production Associate
Victoria Weiss Advance Sales Specialist-Latin America Market
Virginia Cardinal Logistics Associate
Wendy Young Team Member Solutions Section Leader
Whitney Williams Quality Engineer
William Easton Senior Specialist
Yolanda Durfield
Yolanda Durfield Senior Account Manager
Yolanda McGee Advanced Human Resources Assistant
Yolanda N. Durfield Sr. Account Manager
DMTN Southfield, MI