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1500 Prodelin Dr
Newton, NC 28658
United States
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Felicia Murrill WW Manufacturing Controller
Abimbola Akintolayo Workforce Development Lead
Adedoyin Oyelaran
Adedoyin Oyelaran Director, engineering & manufacturing
Adrian Pora Enginner
Adrian Valentin Pora Engineer
Alexis Hart IT Engagement Lead
Alpha Robinson Sr. Trade Compliance Analyst
Alyssa Palchick Specialist, Science & Technology Meetings & Events
Amanda Chin Manufacturing Operations Process Engineer
Amanda Erwin Planning/Warehouse Supervisor
Amanda Rand Process Development Engineer
Amy Davis Buyer
Amy Porter Division Mfg Mgr
Amy Sarno Administrative Assistant
Amy Yang Plant Admin
Angela Ellis
Angela Ellis Global Program & Integration Lead, OCS
Angela Vaughn Senior Research Technician
Ashlee Childress
Ashlee Childress Mechanical Engineer
Ashley Johnson-Long New Technology Performance Manager
Ashley Lomboy Global Information Security Manager
Bernadette Monterio Innovation Portfolio Mgr / Chief of Staff
Bernhard Deutsch General Manager and VP, Optical Fiber and Cable
Bethany Duncan Senior Project Engineer
Bhama Bhat Pora Quality Engineering Supervisor
Blake Thompson Supply Chain Manager
Brian Angolia Melting Department Head
Carol Cannon Sales Engineer
Caroline McCormick Team Leader
Carolyn Carlile Global Supply Chain Planner
Casey Rodefeld
Casey Rodefeld MPM, PMP IT Manager, Enterprise Manufacturing Services
Cathy Clark IT Director, Manufacturing
Charlie Crews Maintenance Supervisor
Christy Schafer Pex Division Champion, Global Security
Courtney Duchesne Engineer
Craig Phenes BOD, Measurements, and Mixing Controls Lead
Dana Waters Purchasing Manager
David Walterhouse Supply Chain Manager
Deb Mays Vice President Human Resources COC
Dede Starnes
Dede Starnes Training Manager/Global Commercial
Delaine Preston Forming Technician
Denise Cornish Training & Education Coordinator
Dora Gilgo Core Premium Performance Technician
Elizabeth Bruscia
Elizabeth Bruscia Quality Control Technician II
Elizabeth Prutsman Production Planner
Ellen Kosik Williams Research Manager
Emily Gawel
Emily Gawel Product Line Engineer
Emily Hardy-Shephard Communications Specialist
Emily Reynolds
Emily Reynolds Commercial Analyst for IBN/DC
Erica Grego HR Consultant
Erin Drury Sr. Sales Engineer
Erin Moore Information Security Controls Administrator
Erin Welken Ops Readiness Lead
Eugenia Burrell Senior Product Fiber Engineer
Fran Lorey Engineering Manager
Gary Harding Plant Engineering Manager
Gayle McGannon Manager
Hailey Dodge Biologics Manufacturing Technican
Hannah Smith Quality Technician
Heather Icenhour Process Trainer - Optical Test
Hillary Junglas Supply Chain Analyst
Holly O'Rourke HR Manager Operations Strategic Programs
Irene Peterson Principal Scientist
Jacqueline Huerta Senior Procurement Coordinator
Jade Baumrind Forming Technology Engineer
Jaime Staengel
Jaime Staengel Data Analytics Lead
Jamie Votaw Forming Department Head
Jared Byrd Supply Chain Analyst
Jason McGhinnis IT Site Lead
Jeanna Ross ISO Documentation Tech
Jennifer Jones Senior Event Specialist
Jennifer Porter OFC Quality Manager
Jennifer Prater Senior Project Leader
Jennifer Weidright Manufacturing Strategy Manager
Jenny Worrall Planner
Jessica Bullman Manufacturing Coordinator
Jessica keel
Jessica keel Supply Chain Network Planner
Jessica Nida
Jessica Nida Operations Department Head
Jilliane Conway
Jilliane Conway MBA Controller
John Antonelli
John Antonelli Plant Manager, Harrodsburg, KY
Kaitlen Brown Glass Technology Engineer
Kaitlin Gloe Senior Manufacturing Engineer
Kaori Ohta Sr. Plant Analyst
Karolyn Adams Administrative Assistant
Kathryn Bourlotos Melting Technology Leader, SME
Katie Patt Financial Analyst
Katonya Smith Workforce Development
Katrina Alexander Training Facilitator
Kaying Kue Associate operator
Kelli Sigmon Inventory Coordinator
Kelly McNabb Operations Department Head
Kimberly Slan Senior Project Manager
Kinnari Patel Process Engineer
Kisha McCluney Production Planner
Krista Warner Sr Process - Quality Engineer
Kristin Mulliniks Forming Process Engineer
Kylie Nielson Process Engineer
Laura Fahey Strategic Accounts Global Datacenter Manager
Laura Mechalke Global Business Planner
Laurie Dunning Technology Development Manager
Lisa Seymour
Lisa Seymour Finance Plant Controller
Lisa Stancil
Lisa Stancil Workforce Development Leader
Liza Melnychuk Legal Operations Manager
Lorissa Milton EHS Engineer
Louann Keener Administrative Assistant
Lynore Young Project Manager - Division Engineering
Madelyn Rice-Pelepko Process Engineer
Maija Jones Global Supply Management Buyer
Mary Goodnight Quality Engineer
Matthew Trosa Plant Engineering Manager
Melissa McDonald Senior Facility Environmental Engineer
Michela Bethune
Michela Bethune HR Analyst
Michele Holbrook Plant Manager
Michele Tate-Barker Accounting Specialist
Michelle Maurer Metallurgy Professional
Mike Bell Executive
Millicent Owusu Global Sr. Product Eng. & Product Compliance Eng.
Misty Jacobik Performance Excellence Specialist
Mona Sigmon Training Facilitator
Monet Sheehy IT Project Leader
Morgan Kline Project Feasibility Engineer
Natalya Zaytseva Project Manager
Nicole Blackman Sr. Glassmaking Capabilities Engineer
Nkechi Anako Sr. Application Process Engineer
Nola Kimble HR Generalist
Olivia Rios Process Engineer
Paige Wise BOD Process Engineer
Pamela Whisenant Safety Specialist
Pamela Williamson HR Manager
Pattie Lane Quality Technican Supervisor
Raisa Boben Process Development Engineer
Rebecca Akinosho
Rebecca Akinosho Process Engineer
rebecca christopher Equipment Engineer
Reina Sutphin Fibermaking Process Engineer
Renee Pegram Quality Engineering Supervisor
Rhonda Farris IT Manager
Rikki Rogers Reliability Administrator
Rita Shauger Global Diversity & Inclusion Coordinator
Roberta Frazier Implementation Specialist - Global Data
Robin Blacknell Admin Assistant
Rochelle Savel Director
Ronica Edgerton EHS Manager
Sabrina Clark Events
Samantha Cornwell Buffering Process Engineer
Sarah Helms Manufacturing Technician
Sheila Chickene OFC - NA Regional Manufacturing Manager
Sherry Hines-Burney
Sherry Hines-Burney Production Supervisor
Shital Shah IT Director
Sonya Whitfield FR Operations Supervisor
Stephen Howard Project/Equipment Engineering Leader
Susan Snyder Sr. Procurement Coordinator
Tamara Masche Manufacturing Associate
Taylor Stephens Human Resources Specialist
Teresa Fuller Pricing Specialist
Teresa Roark Planner/Buyer
Terri Roland-Ray Manufacturing Associate
Terri Williams Plant Operations Manager
Thomas Shirley Facility Services & CMMS Administrator
Tiffany Lee
Tiffany Lee MBA HR Specialist
Tiffany Seawell HR Coordinator
Tina Zheng Forming Process Engineer
Tracey Horton OCS, NA Regional Manufacturing Manager
Tracy Gettys IT Site Lead
Valerie Lattimore
Valerie Lattimore Administrative Specialist
Vernicia Dawson
Vernicia Dawson NA Customer Service Manager
Victoria Knight Quality Engineer
Yvette Cearnel Production Associate
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