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Cargill, Inc

Cargill, Inc

PO Box 9300
Minneapolis, MN 55440
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Christy Venne AVP, Facility Manager
Abigail Lawrence Operations Manager
Alan Viaene Facility Manager
Alexis Fletcher Administrative Assistant
Alicia O'Donnell-Lines Manufacturing Technology Engineer
Alison Fieldbinder Associate Engineer
Amanda Hauf Regional Manufacturing Technology Engineer
Amanda Lancette CCE CI Lead
Amanda Villameriel Reliability Engineer
Amber Venteicher Production Excellence Analyst
Amie Canarr Manufacturing Technology Engineer
Amina Alaoui Operational Intelligence Leader
Amy Dreier Senior Supply and Inventory Planner
Amy Murphy
Amy Murphy Reliability Engineer
Ana Maria McKenna Trade Execution Specialist
Andrea Nelson Sr. Talent Acquisition Sourcer
Angela Hoogland
Angela Hoogland Reliability Engineer
Angela Morgan Production Supervisor
Anita Heinemann Global Smart Manufacturing Leader
Anna Orts Supply & Inventory Planning Lead
Anna Sande Process Engineer
April-Hope Wareham
April-Hope Wareham WIMOs Production Supervisor/Stevedore Superintendent
Ashley Jeseritz Decision Support
Ashley Wulbern Maintenance Manager
Brenda Herforth Process Optimization Lead – PRTP
Brenda Stretch North America Plant Ops Lead
Cade Schoonover Vice President
CAROLINE DZIAK Mining Engineer
Carolyn Countess Continuous Improvement Manager
Casey Losinski Process Engineer
Catherine Torrez Continuous Improvement Lead
Catherine Wagner FSQR Customer Relations Expert
Cathleen Pfeiff Associate Engineer
Chellsea Freeman Scale Operator/Elevator Operator
Cheryl Dotson production supervisor
Ciera Menken Quality Business Management Analyst
Cindy Menth Sr. Recruiter
Citlalli Gomez Process Safety Engineer
Connie Lee Land Management Engineer
Courtney Perreault Project Engineer
Cynthia Schieber A&R Costing Sr. Analyst
Danielle Herman Project Engineer
Dawn Jensen Microbiology Laboratory Supervisor
Deidre Rauch Process Engineer
Delissa Carline Production Supervisor
Diana Sinatra Process Standardization Specialist
Dolores Garcia HR Manager
Elinor Opitz Formulation Specialist
Elizabeth Kokesh Regional Reliability Leader
Elizabeth Krinkie Engineer
Elizabeth Marsha Sr. Administrative Assistant
Elizabeth Max Project Manager
Ellen Zabre Project Engineer
Emily Greene Production Management Engineer
Emily Menkes Project Engineer
Emily Muellner Project Engineer
Emily Perry FSQ Technician
Emily Ringuette FSQR Chemist II
Erin Peck Fructose Refinery Production Supervisor
Eva Cervantes Operations Manager
Flor Loera Operations Manager - Protein
Hannah Schutz
Hannah Schutz Production Supervisor
Hannah Winegarden Maintenance Planner
Haris Malik Production Management Engineer
Hayley Williams
Hayley Williams FSQR Supervisor
Heather Brewer Team Leader
Hillary Petersen Supplier and Ingredient FSQR Lead
Isabelle Aerts FIBI LEAD BOSC program participant - Engineer
Jacy Grieves Chlor-Alkali Project Engineer
Jamie Connor HOP/SOP Engineer
Jane Gauthier Process Team Lead
Janet Kronenberger food safety quality regulatory
Janet Sajan Associate Engineer
Jazzmyne Pearson Operations Associate
Jen Throne Process improvement/Production Supervisor
Jennifer Campbell Project Manager
Jennifer Frey Production Excellence Lead
Jennifer Huinker Process Safety Director
Jennifer Olson Regional CI Lead
Jennifer Parker Business Continuous Improvement Leader
Jennifer Thorson Production Excellence & Continuous Improvement Lea
Jenny Diehl Global Technical Service Leader - Food Service Oil
Jenny Matta Plant Engineer
Jenny Stevenson Production Management Engineer
Jesi McCormick FSQR Leader
Jessica Swiontek
Jessica Swiontek Supply Chain Continuous Improvement Lead
Jessica Zavala Process Transformation Specialist
Jocelyn Pajuelo Operations Supervisor
jonelle vredenburg Capital Build Project Manager
Julie Bales Engineer
Julie DeMeulenaere
Julie DeMeulenaere SAP Analyst
Kaela Zimmerman Quality Assurance Supervisor
Kaeli Wilkins Sr. Continuous Improvement Engineer
kaitlyn heiman maintenance and reliability leader
Kara Willhoite Principal Engineer
Karissa Keck
Karissa Keck Lactic Acid Production Supervisor
Kat Elenberger Engineer
Kate Locken Talent Acquisition Consultant
Katelyn Burdick Protein Technologist
Katerina Wong Production Supervisor
Kathleen Rexroade Refinery Superintendent
Kathleen Wolff Protein Technology and Applications
Kathryn De Young Processing Superintendent
Kathryn Kamp Environmental Manager
Katie Bradley Senior Manufacturing Engineer
Katie Jahn Continuous Improvement Lead
Katie Tignor Senior Food Scientist
Katrina Flock Quality Assurance
Katrina Robertson General Manager
Kayla Cates Operations and Supply Chain Associate
Keisha Celestine Production Supervisor
Kelly Clausen Plant Superintendent
Kelly Doering Supply Planning Manager
Kelsey Glatt Production Supervisor
Kelsi O'Neill Oil Refinery Manufacturing Technology Engineer
Kendra Brown Office Manager
Kim Gillman Instrumentation Tech
Kimberly Haley Chemist
Kimberly Pritchard Regional Operations Leader
Korbyn Danielson Project Engineer
Krystal Gage FSQR SE Retail Lead
L. Danielle Babbs Plant Manager
Lacey Hammack Plant Manager
Latefa McFadden senior plant engineer
Laura Blomberg HR Leader
Lauren Halverson Production Superintendent
Lauren Katalinich Process Engineer
Lauren Mueller Process Engineer
Lauren Vahle Process Optimization Engineer
Leigh Miller Elevator Supervisor
Leslie Milligan Refinery Superintendent
Libby Boccarosse Mine Manager
Lindsay Bowers MOC Lead Trim and Grind
Lindsay Thomas Business Process Manager
Lisa Fickenscher Energy Optimization Engineer
Liz Waters Research Engineer/Scientist
Lydia Aman Engineering Projects Manager
Lynn Dale CESCP, CMRP, CRL, MLT1 Regional Electrical and Automation Leader
Macy Miller Supervisor II
Marcella Carvalho Senior ACI Deployment Lead
Margaret Daniels Project Engineer
Margaret Neaton Project Engineer
Maria Onnen TDP Engineer
Maria Vaughn Plant Manager
Marsha Jones Senior Supply Chain Continuous Improvement Analyst
Mayra Sanchez R&D Technician III
Megan Korte Refinery Manufacturing Technology Engineer
Melanie Boer Corporate Professional
Melissa Nguessan Engineer
Melissa Woodward Maintenance Supervisor
Misty Reisner Process Optimization Lead Commercial
Nadine Eldeeb Operations Supervisor
Natalie Hanson FSQR Supervisor
Natalie Heineman Production Management Engineer
Nicole Bretey Maintenance & Reliability Engineer
Nicole Buss Continuous Improvement Engineer
Nicole Mannino Food Safety Quality Chemist II
Pamela Gross Operations Technical Support Specialist
Pat Kuka Procurement Business Process Lead
Patricia Zapata Familia Customer service manager
Patti Starr-Nemeth Associate Specialist
Rachael Sexton Process Engineer
Rachel Butterbaugh FSQR Customer Relations
Rachel Seibel Site Engineer
Rachel Zuppa Process Engineer
Rebecca Dreessen Renaissance AEI
Rebecca Kirk Shift Supervisor
Rebekah Shaikh Engineer Associate
Rhonda Schmidt
Rhonda Schmidt Utility Operations Leader
Robbie Wilson Senior Continuous Improvement Specialist (SAP PPM)
Rosalee Del campo Marrero Quality Superintendent
Rose McSherry Associate Engineer
Roslyn Brown Terminal Manager
Roxanne Bourget-Betts Technical Training Specialist
Rusty Lynn Morneau Maintenance Planner
Samantha Kahn
Samantha Kahn Associate Engineer
Sandra Paredes Species Technology Lead
Sandra Walton Chemical Engineer / Maintenance Supervisor
Sara Galletti Regional Operations Manager
Sarah Rector Department Supervisor
Sarah Wyenandt Project Engineer
Scott Redel H&S Manager
Shandy Porter Production Supervisor
Shelby Droddy Project Coordinator-ANH
Sherry Biggart EHS Sr Professional
Sherry Gabrielson Principal Engineer
Sokchea Som Production Supervisor
Stacy Vargas Supervisor
Stephanie Peters General Manager
Stephanie Schmidt ACI Program Lead
Susan Haas Business Operations and Supply Chain Leader
Sydney Goodwin Facility Continuous Improvement Lead
Tammy Ziegenbein Build Project Manager
Tangela CROOK
Tangela CROOK Ops Supervisor
Tayler Whitters Project Engineer
Taylor Tarter Associate Engineer
Theresa Dziewatkoski Manufacturing Technology Natural Resources Advisor
Tiffany Danger Maintenance Supervisor
Tonya McClure Business Process Optimization Analyst
Tonya Smith Senior Production Planner & Scheduler
Tracy Pirc Procure to Pay Stabilization
Tracy Theisen ME and TRACC Governance Lead
Valerie Teson Utilities Supervisor
Valorie Welbaum Natural Resource Manufacturing Technology Engineer
Victoria Manu Chemist II
Victoria Swift Engineer
Vontel Lewis-Peet
Vontel Lewis-Peet Capital Projects Supervisor
Yeonju Park Production Management Engineer
Yvette Greenman Regional Continuous Improvement Engineer
Cargill Protein
Cargill Protein Fresno, CA
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