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Howmet Aerospace

Howmet Aerospace

3724 E Columbia St
Tucson, AZ 85714
United States
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Kristi Lisbon Sr Manager, HR/Talent Acquisition
Alison Stirrup Financial and Production Controller
Barbara Fitzgerald Finance Director
Carol Fagan PHR Human Resources Manager
Catherine Diiulio Human Resources Manager
Chelsea Peck Director of Sales and Marketing- Aerospace Engines
Cindy Penney
Cindy Penney Senior HR Director
Gina Govojdean Manager, Metal Flow Path & Operational Excellence
Gina Matko HR
Ginell Walton IT Project Manager
Janet Karroum Engineering, Maintenance & CI Manager
Maria Peralta Operator
Marilyn Fayock Senior Counsel
Molly McGovern
Monica Galisteo Global Chemical Compliance Manager
Nthambe Singo Metallurgist
Rosa Burke Complaince Manager Howmet Aerospace - Engines
Stacey Webb
Terri Saint Pierre Sr Procurement Manager
Tessa Lopez Product Manager
Valerie Baker
Valerie Baker Global EHS Director
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