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> Ms. Adriana Platt | Contract Manager, Intel Corporation

> Ms. Ana Goradesky | Plant Quality Manager, Sherwin-Williams Company

> Ms. Andrea Cansler | Safety Director, Quality Tank & Construction Co.

> Ms. Andrea Painter | Manager, Accounting, Sherwin-Williams Company

> Ms. Ann DiNucci | Outreach Manager, Cascade Energy Inc.

> Ms. Ashley Brown | Process Engineer, Sherwin-Williams Company

> Ms. Ashley Murdock | Account Executive, Predator Software Inc.

> Ms. Brenda Demaree | Facility and Sustainability Manager, Sherwin-Williams Company

> Ms. Casey Devine | Assurance Manager, Delap LLP

> Ms. Farzaneh Beena | Account Manager, Intel Corporation

> Ms. Heather Farinas | Human Resources Generalist, Sherwin-Williams Company

> Ms. Janine White | Senior Environmental Regulatory Specialist, PBS Engineering and Environmental, Inc.

> Ms. Jenna Inks | Operations Trainee, Sherwin-Williams Company

> Ms. Jennifer Abbassian | Corporate Counsel/Controller, Predator Software Inc.

> Ms. Jongsoon Park | Human Factors Engineer, Intel Corporation

> Ms. Kate Gauntner | Operations Manager, The Sherwin-Williams Company

> Ms. Lisa Farmen | Founder/Principal Engineer, Clean Water Technology LLC

> Ms. Mais Marinelli | Account Manager, Intel Corporation

> Ms. Marie Tripp | Technologist, Intel Corporation

> Ms. Martina Aydarska | Production and Inventory Control Manager, Sherwin-Williams Company

> Ms. Megan Goodson | Operations Manager for DCG QnR Senior Director, Intel Corporation

> Ms. Rebecca Schuster | HR Manager, Johnson Controls Inc

> Ms. Renee Eaton | CEO, RapidMade Inc

> Ms. Sarah Padfield | Assurance Principal, Delap LLP

> Ms. Sharon Vasher | Plant Manager, The Sherwin-Williams Company

> Shelby Wright | Sr ERP Business Analyst, Leatherman Tool Group