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Southwire Company

Southwire Company

1 Southwire Dr
Carrollton, GA 30119
United States
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Cara Herzog Talent Management
Alaina Reville Product Specialist
Alexandra Barnard Senior Compound Engineer
Allison Thrash Marketing Manager
Amy Hile Sr. Director of Talent Management
Andrea Ayer Senior Buyer
Angela Badheka Industrial Engineer
Annita Baldwin partials
Ashley Adams Financial Rotational Team Member
Ashley Almon Director, Compensation & Systems
Ashley Bush Director, Media and Community Relations
Ashley Todd Intern
Ben Paschal Director Corporate Infrastructure
Bess Glanton Operations Process Manager
Brian Patrick Quality & Engineering Manager
Brooke Mimbs Systems Administrator
Camber Woodward Product Specialist
Cambria Neese HR Specialist
Candace Franks
Candace Franks Quality Manager
Candace Padgett Product Specialist
Cathy Farley Sales Account Manager
CATRES HOBBS Data Analyst 1
Cayla Ledford Human Resources Specialist
Cheryl Weeks Human Resources Manager
Chris Amick Business Development Manager
Christin Scales Planner Assistant
Christine Burns Logistics Manager
Christine Richardson Project Specialist
Claire Lollis Industrial Engineer
Cori Young Director of Finance
Cynthia Shontz Senior Director, Master Global Data
Daphene Gray AP Analyst
Dave Metz Plant Manager
Elizabeth Cosper Take Up Operator
Elizabeth Perkins CSC Operations Manager
Ester aragon extruder operator
Freddie Stewart
Fredericka Lyles Operator
Gayla Condreay SAP Functional Analyst
Gwen Smith Senior Accountant
Jamie Wainscott EHS Manager
Janell Odom Quality Manager
Jenni Souligne HR Manager
Jennifer Greene Risk Analyst
Jennifer Heath Account Manager
Jessica Britton HR Plant Specialist
Joanna Olsovsky Product Quality Specialist
Julia Hughes Master Scheduler
Julia Phlegm Controller
Karen Bazela Vice President, Retail Sales
Karin Vukovinsky
Karin Vukovinsky Quality Manager
Kathleen Edge EVP Human Resources
Kathy Lusk CSC Manager
Katie Stanton Corporate HR Specialist
Kimberly Putnam SAP QM Manager
Kisha Jones Director, Recruiting
Kristin Watkins Talent Development Specialist
Kristy Phillips Training Manager
Krystal Killcreas Strategic Sourcing Specialist
Krystle Wright Sales Account Manager
Lacie Payne Production Planner
Lakisha Wilson MS, MA VP Safety, Health & Security
Lauren Cheatwood Systems Specialist
Lauren Wright Sales Manager
Lelainia Gore Maintenance Buyer
Leslie Morley Human Resources
Lisa Dillingham Senior Accountant
Lori Freeman Account Manager
Mackenzie Parker Discrepancy Specialist, AR
Maegan Clay
Maegan Clay Talent Development Specialist
Mallory Akin HR Specialist
Mallory Bakker Operations
Mandy Baeumel Vice President, Human Resources
Margo Garner Product Manager
Maria Obalade Benefits Specialist
Marie Christopherson Customer Experience Manager
Marissa Cowart Dir, Enterprise Systems & Business Intelligence
Marsha Smith Operations Manager
Michelle Buchan Quality Tech
Monique Renna Shipping Coordinator
Nicole Austin Industrial Engineer
Nicole Frith Discrepancy Specialist
Paul Sims Senior Director, Remediation and Public Affairs
Presley Meeks HRIS Specialist
Rachel Argo Systems Programmer
Rae Herndon OEM Technical Specialist
Raeleigh Klingensmith Production Supervisor
Rebecca Fleming Controller
Safiya Brown Risk Analyst
Sandra Mercer
Sandra Mercer Intern - Mobile App Developer
Sandra Mullis Data Analyst
Sandra Vega Ontiveros Operator
Shanna Mercer Human Resources Admin.
Shanon Williams Professional Staffing Specialist
Sharai Atcheson Quality Engineer
Sheila Dobbs Quality Assurance Technician
Sheila Sims Warehouse Specialist
Sherry Leeper Account Manager
Skye Entrekin Human Resource Manager
Tabitha Gibson Shipping Coordinator
Tamara Herring Payroll Manager
Tamieka Weeks Senior Risk Analyst
Tammy Randall Admin & Tech Associate
Tequia McCormick Quality Systems Specialist
Teresa Moran EMS Specialist
Teri Kristensen Channel Manager
Thomas Herberling SVP, PSS Manufacturing
Tia Chosewood Account Manager
Tina Crowder Supervisor 12 For Life
Tonya Moore VP, Human Resources
Tracey Carr Sales Manager
Tracie Fowler Accounts Receivable Analyst
Tracy Ford Manager
Veronica Powell Engineering & Maintenance/Facilities Manager
Wendy Glover Director of Fiance, Manufacturing
WiM Logo Corporate