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Dianne Jones

Dianne Jones

Senior Manager of Client Services Maxis Advisors

Professional Bio

Most companies through their own admission do not evaluate every angle or maximize every opportunity in a search for a new location or an expansion of an existing one. Infrastructure, availability of workforce, tax climate, cost of utilities, proximity to customers, land or building prices and maximization of incentives are all key factors that take time and diligence to evaluate. I have a passion for helping clients make the best location decision for their new or ongoing operations. While incentives never make a bad location good, they can help make a good location even better. The final process in any new location or expansion evaluation is making sure incentives are maximized, particularly tangible incentives that either reduce the capital cost of a project on the front end (cash grants or cost offsets) or reduce certain operating cost going forward (utility rate, tax reductions, etc...) which will have a direct impact on the project IRR. Please ask me how I can help you make the best business decision possible while evaluating your next new operation location or expansion opportunity.

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Maxis Advisors Maxis Advisors
6525 Morrison Blvd Suite 402
Charlotte, NC 28270
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Methodist University 2001 BS Business Administration